Entry Process

Apply to the miraisozobu

First, fill out the application form for the miraisozobu and acquire membership eligibility! The miraisozobu is gathering students who are excited about creating a new future. Passion, creativity, and initiative are the keys, regardless of skills or experience. Feel free to promote your strengths in the application form!


The miraisozobu uses a chat service called DISCORD for its activities. Once you submit the trial membership form to the miraisozobu, you will receive an acceptance or rejection email at the registered email address. If you are accepted, follow the instructions in the email to sign up for DISCORD and join the Department of Future Creation community on DISCORD.

Participate in a Trial Membership

Join the miraisoobu's DISCORD community with a dedicated account. Once you join, a one-month trial membership period begins, during which you can experience problem-solving and workshops at the miraisozobu. If you decide to become a full member without going through the trial period, you can send a message using the inquiry function on DISCORD at any time to switch to a full membership.

Consider Full Membership

After the one-month trial membership, you decide whether to become a full member. You can make this decision at any time during the month. By choosing to become a full member, you can participate in all activities of the miraisozobu as an official member.

Trial Form